This article will make you understand whether to go for tiger parenting or elephant parenting.

Most of the parents seem confused about whether to be strict enough on child academics or to be supportive enough in their emotional stage.


The tiger parent shows out tough love is strict and demanding and makes sure that academics and extracurricular school activities are a priority.

Miss Neetu is a Tiger Mom, she expects her children to be top of the class and does whatever she can to make it happen.

She believes in focusing on the development of her own offspring to the exclusion of everything else.

Elephant Parents also believe in supporting children’s education, but they take a different view.

They take a collective view, that children can learn from being part of the larger world

and can learn from others and support others.

Both types of parents are doing what they think is best for their children.

Both achieve different results.

You need to decide on the results you want before you decide what type of parent you want to be.


First, let’s look at Tiger Parents.

These parents spend an enormous amount of time, effort, and emotional energy to make sure that their child works hard,

does not ‘waste’ a minute on things like video games, sleepovers, having fun.

They are dedicated to making sure that their child works hard every minute so that he or she can do well and become the best in class and the best they can be.

They often do this at the expense of damaging their relationship with their child.

tiger parenting
Tiger Parenting


The results they get?

Often their children do well in school, coming near the top of the class, and these children may become hardworking students when they go to University.


The price they pay?


The constant pressure they put on their children to succeed must be wearing, both on them and the child.

The social cost is enormous.  Children of Tiger Parents may miss out on developing skills of social interaction.

In the past, the need for these skills was less apparent.

People got jobs based solely on their qualifications.

But things have changed and qualifications, while necessary, are no longer enough.

Still confused about whether to go for Tiger Parenting Or Elephant Parenting then continue to read the next section.


Now for a look at Elephant parents.

The term elephant parents refer to a parent who is very nurturing and protective and tends to focus on the emotions of his or her child over academic or athletic success.

Elephant Parents also support their child’s education but are far less strict with their children and spend less time directing their activities and demanding that they get ‘A’s’ for all their work.

They allow their children to play computer games, go to sleepovers, and spend time messing around.

They believe that children learn from interaction with others as well as from schoolteachers.

Some Elephant Parents may give their children too much freedom and fail to set boundaries for their child, boundaries that give the child the sense of security they need to participate fully in life’s activities.


The results they get?

Children are more likely to become balanced individuals, able to work well with others, and to fit into the demands of a society that relies on social connections as a way of being in the world.

They are likely to have a good relationship with their children who tend to be happy and content.

Elephant Parenting
Elephant Parenting

The price they pay?


Their child might never be top of the class, may never excel in one particular subject, and may not get the qualifications they need to get a great job.


O.K., let’s cut to the chase.  Do you want your child to be a nerd – with the possibility of inventing something like Facebook and becoming a billionaire- or an all-round good guy who may never make a million dollars but has a good fulfilling life?


Your choice, Whether to go for Tiger Parenting Or Elephant Parenting,  Just be careful what you wish for.


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