Tiger parenting – a myth that prevails or just happens

Before we provide you all with tips and tricks that mostly Tapt services do, we are going to throw some light on what actually tiger parenting is.

Does it exist? Or its just layman terms used in the world of parenting you will get an answer to this query.

With the name itself, you can predict is somewhere related to aggression and attitude with the name “TIGER “attached to it.

Tiger parenting style is similar to definition or meaning to tiger parents

In tiger form of parenting parents set high bars for children to achieve in life or during a short period of time.

Such parents are just like strict coaches who don’t give a day off to athletes.

tiger parenting

In such a form of parenting practice, there is no sign of flexibility, a rigid attitude is seen in such types of parents.

Children have to possess a certain level of achievement to make this parenting style suit its title.

The achievement that we here are talking about could be excellence in the field of dance, belle, swimming

This type of practice we as Tapt service don’t recommend but, in several situations, demand a tiger moment parenting were parents set rules which are stringent to follow becomes necessary if the child needs to face that to make his development

Why we don’t promote is of the basic reason that we believe in sweet and bitter parenting where no pressure around a seed(child) could grow.

We promote those practices that make a human, not a machine that never makes mistakes


There are certain effects on the child if tiger parenting applied:

(1). Under the strict and controlled nature of parents towards a child, he or she may grow mentally ill

(2). A lot of children under tiger form of parenting have an emotional outburst in every situation

(3). Parents following these forms of parenting make dwelling place rigid

(4). Children don’t get to express any form of feelings with the parents who apply these practices later on stats show that these children are most prone to cyberbullying, school bullying


(5). Anxiety attacks, severe mental attacks, depression are further symptoms that get the child into

(6). Loser kind of attitude develops when parents desired goal or objective they don’t stand up to

(7). The continuous form of stress is always there on the head even he or she smiles at the very moment they are ill with your parenting pressure

(8). Discipline & formal style of living could be imposed with tiger form of parenting there are no two ways about it

(9). Physical & emotional bridges get big with tiger form of parenting

So, we as Tapt services will come up with this kind of debatable and controversial issue related to parenting.

We promote those parents and the parenting styles that allow the child and themselves to commit mistakes and learn


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