Sushant Singh Rajput who recently committed suicide on 14th June 2020 was an Indian actor, dancer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Major reasons behind Sushant Singh’s death and why was he facing depression?

1. His mother’s death

When his mother died in 2002, he started feeling lonely since then as he was much attached to his mother.

As evidence, we can see his recent Instagram post which he posted on June 3, 2020, that states,

“Blurred past evaporating from teardrops, unending dreams carving an arc of smile. And a fleeting life, negotiating between the two”

Going through his Instagram pages we can see how much he was related to space, planets, and nature,

a person of deep thought he was and there is a story behind his every thought.

This is enough to judge for a psychologist that Sushant was in Loneliness and he was finding peace in whatever he could.

2. Breakup and loneliness

Breakups are hard for someone especially when a person is completely into his partner and it ends up.

He was in six years of relationship with Ankita lokhande but it ended in 2016.

Recently it’s been assumed that he was dating actress Rhea Chakraborty, but died suspiciously.

There is a lot to relate with his love life, because if it was going smooth and if he were not into isolation or everything in his relationship was so good then he hasn’t taken this big step.

3. Financial problems

As we all know that whatever actors earn they have to spend it equally to maintain their standards in the public.

Talking about Sushant Singh Rajput it is being said that he was in high debt after his manager Disha Salian suspiciously committed suicide a few days back.

He has to pay heavy installments for his house in Bandra and his upcoming movie ‘ Dil Bechara”

which is the remake of fault in our stars was about to release in April but due to this lockdown, it wasn’t released.

This is the major reason for which he was facing financial problems because he was about to pay his installments from that money.


4 Selection of stream

Focusing on the lifestyle and interest of Sushant one more question arises and that is was he into the right stream in his life?

He was rarely seen living a luxurious and stardom full life, his interest in the field of physics and his outstanding marks throughout his educational carrier,

his selection in AIEEE exams and olympiad exams show his genius side of his character.

Being so much down to Earth maybe he was not fit enough for the Bollywood industry.

History of Sushant Singh Rajput.

He was born on 21 st January 1986 in purnea district of Bihar.

He has faced lots of struggling days and started his journey by being a troup dancer in various Filmfare festivals.

His debut show was Star Plus’s romantic drama Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil (2008),

followed by an award-winning performance in Zee TV’s popular show Pavitra Rishta (2009–11).

Everyone is heartfelt by listening to this disastrous news this Sunday morning when he was found dead in his apartment located in Bandra, Mumbai.

He had reportedly been suffering from depression for about six months.

According to the Mumbai Police IPS officer, Vinay Chaubey –

Some medical prescriptions and medical reports found from Sushant’s room, and the investigation has been going underway.


A depression of such level that Sushant Singh had to end his life why?

As Sushant was feeling depression from the last 6 months then this suicide was a high level of depressed mental state.

Because depression is a major state.  There are 4 levels that lead to depression.

1. Anxiety – That makes you uneasy for something and upsets you easily, it may not come regularly,

but when you face a similar unlikeable situation then you feel anxiety.

Normally it goes in one month or after talking to someone about it.

2. Stress – The second level is stress which occurs when your anxiety lasts long and every day you feel lazy,

frustrated, sad, mixed emotions, being irritated over small things, and you get mood swings often at that time.

People get stressed about things that they are incapable of doing, or any breakups, death of loved ones, etc.

3. Acute depression

At this point in time, your stress has reached the limit of 2 months and still you are not able to manage the negativity inside you.

It mostly happens when you are having a huge burden and you keep on rethinking about it when you don’t have anyone to talk to,

when you losses self-esteem and confidence inside you, only worries and a high level of mental stress surround you.

4.Major depression– This was the exact state of Sushant when he committed suicide.

Major depression cannot be dealt with easily, because you won’t be able to know if a person is having depression or not, only he knows what kills him every day.

At this stage the person has left all joys and pleasures of his life, still, he appears to be happy in front of everyone.

But this is the worst stage because the person is completely into the isolated state this time,

neither has he wanted to be social nor he is having anyone to whom he can share all these things.

Suicide is never an option, the only thing to get rid of this is talk, talk, and talk to someone and don’t be alone.

Surround yourself with people who love you and cares for you.



Instead of being a short time struggling actor if he would have tried being a full-time successful engineer he would have stayed happy and still be alive.

These are the most possible reasons behind Sushant’s death.

And we have covered this topic under Tapt service Blogging because we believe that there was a great need of psychologists in his life, He lacked a supportive and carrying parent and loneliness is not what everyone can deal with by themselves you always need a counselor.


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