Ragging and bullying in college and universities are usually done by seniors to show a supreme culture.

Bullying is forced in both of the genders if we only assume sitting in a couch as a parent that,

it only happens in colleges or universities and our child has got a certain time in that and we could deal with it.

Let me inform you with deep regret most of the children are facing these at the school level.

Ragging could be making fun of your appearance and sexuality.

Bullying sometimes verbal offense is made to other parties while in ragging physical abuse could be one form of that.

Don’t ever feel ok if you are becoming victimized by this form of behavior

Ragging is turning a vicious cycle where one who once got bullied when he gets the room, bullies other.

Students facing ragging are more likely to be dropping out of college or universities or dropping from schools.

Many of my friends state their 1st-year experience where they became forcibly respected seniors due to newbie or fresher

ragging and bullying


Ragging starts with TELL ME YOUR NAME and ends up with physical abuse,

but to remain silent while seeing ragging or being part of it uncannily or unknowingly is a serious crime.

Even teasing without a friendly gesture and without one consent is under ragging

Ragging could be done in many forms physically, verbally, even cyberbullying is prevalent these days.

Nowadays bullying in corporate culture is also taking up the pace,

according to UNESCO’s, 32% of students are victims of ragging worldwide.

Bullying is a simple act to show coercion of power. even in countries like the USA, Europe, Canada racial bullying is prominent.

Even discourage remarks on girls about their physical apparency are under bullying



Even a bald person faces bullying in real life with phrases like “TAKLA”  “UJHDA CHAMAN’’,

even many movies are there that show this concept.

Movies like TAARE ZAMEEN PAR shows the same concept where a child who suffers from speaking ability is facing the issue of teasing at school.

The report says students in few of the medical college in Uttar Pradesh are to shave their head and attend classes

Movie 3 IDIOTS shows this ragging culture where your famous CHATUR is facing ragging along with Raju, Farhan

With social media, bullying has become another source to tarnish the image 0f person with offensive memes, harsh mockery comments.

Religion and social status are becoming new topics to bullied culture


(1). UGC (union grant commission) has made it compulsory for universities and colleges to issue anti-ragging helpline number am also with that set up a committee

(2). Through assignments. seminars we could educate students over this heinous committed issue

(3). Even police assistance is liable in case of bullying or ragging

(4). Both mentors at school or home play a crucial role in this subject


(5). A child with the following symptoms are the victim of ragging –

– non-school or college going fear

–  Low self-esteem

– Sleepless night

– Lack of focus

– Low physical development

(6). Parents should not hesitate to file a complaint in this issue if ever it faced by their child

(7). Awareness of laws against this crime of bullying is less at secondary & higher level

(8). Parents should talk to their kids about how much they love their school, ferns, who they are friends with

(9). Try to converse with that what day they had at school

(10). Parents should also teach their children not to promote or be a part of this crime culture

(11). The Indian penal code is setting up for cyberbullying.

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