Our Mission

In this Fast Growing world every one day or another we see people complaining about how they were brought up and how they will bring up their own child, It seems most of the people find something incomplete in their bring up, Even though they try to rectify it to their child but they are not able to do so due to lack of proper parenting Techniques and time . So We the TAPT organisation is here to Guide you at every step from planning your baby to raising a Baby to the best of his potential. We Believe that Every individual is entirely a unique set of combination of their genetic traits, potential and circumstances in life, after very deep down research from various books and ancient parenting methods we will be providing Development plan for your child at whatever stage they are.
Also to those who are self-motivated can use our methods to enhance their individual productivity. Now I Present to you the team of trained psychologist and Researchers who have presented their work for your best in the form of TAPT Services, We will be very happily serving for personalized session and counseling services for every stage.