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                   About us

TAPT SERVICES  is a leading Child development company that works in concern of Child’s overall development from a toddler to a gentleman. We, therefore, provide useful and important tricks for parents in upbringing their children.

Tapt Services stands for ‘The Art Of Parenting Techniques’, as the name suggests we are a group of people working in the service industry for providing free guide and best parenting methods for upbringing your children. We have a team of scholars and researchers who have given their great amount of time going through various researches conducted through workshops, counseling sessions, direct one to one interaction with parents and children, and succeeding in those researches by developing a successful plan for all age groups based on ancient parenting methods. Our content will help the parents in selecting the best parenting style for their kids according to their various age groups, it will help parents to set their career objectives and guide them to reach their goal.

As our Tag Line suggests:- Journey From Toddler to Professional, Overall we will teach how to maximize the potential of your children and get them to be the best at whatever field they are willing to work in.

What you will get from Tapt Services?

  1. A well-developed plan for all age groups including their diet, screen time, basic knowledge at the particular age, mental mapping, and physical advancements, modified by our trained psychologists.
    • Daily routine
    • Weekend special plan
    • Extracurricular activities plan
    • Hobbies generation and direction


  1. Free parents and individual counseling sessions every 15 days.
  2. Our pro developed plans:
    • Investment plan for the child
    • Future goal selection
    • Free seminars and extra counseling sessions.
    • Special guidance for the specially-abled children.
  3. Our extraordinary plans:
    • Leadership training
    • Diet planning
    • Health training and strength training
    • Skill development
  4. Exam motivation plans:
    • Video call support
    • Scholarship and certification exams strategy
    • Workshops and webinars
    • Personalized study plan which includes – content selection and time management.
    • Weakness finding and working on it.
  5. Quick access to us by email so that you don’t feel alone in your parenting journey.
  6. Our development plan will make your child stand out in odds, as a well-developed individual, you will be able to see the difference in the initial ages of your child.
  7. Our development plan will not only help in the growth and advancement of your children, in fact, but it will also make you more confident as a parent.

Get our personalized development plans for your children and free counseling by our top researchers and Psychologists.



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