Creches are a daycare center, an organization of adults who take care of children in place of their parents.

How will it feel for you as a parent that there is a mini prison for your babies called a creche?

In today’s era, most of the parents don’t have time from their jobs to take care of their babies

so they prefer crèches, but is it a wise option for your newborn?

Let’s find out,

Studies have suggested that crèches are not at all a good option for your baby

if u can afford a good amount of time for upbringing your baby.

There are certain drawbacks to sending your child to crèches.

(.) Studies have found that children who attend crèches likely to have behavioral problems at an early age of 4.

(.) Due to less interaction with parents, there is a possibility of a communication gap between parents and children.

(.) Creches are just daycare centers, they can only take care of your baby in your absence

but they cannot teach your baby basic values of life.


(.) In Creche the schedule is hard strict and is not flexible.

(.) There are lots of other children in the crèches, your child will not be given the attention needed.

(.) Most children who spend their initial ages in crèches end up being more aggressive and frustrated.


(.) A study published in December 2012 ( Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine ) stated that

children in crèches are likely to develop more infections such as colds, ear infections, and other respiratory illnesses.

(.) Children often learn bad behavior from the crèches by seeing their partners hitting, abusing, and using inappropriate words.

(.) Another possible drawback of crèches is that children get less adult interaction.

Due to less interaction with family members and relatives, your child will not be able to become sociable

and there are chances he may become shy.

(.) Creches lead to undeveloped child’s growth be it your child’s physical health

or mental health and their stress level increased when they are left in crèches for a full day.


CBS News reports have found that out of nearly 2000 cases of sudden infant death syndrome in 11 states 20% of those deaths happened in daycare.


(1). You should send your child to daycare centers or crèches when there is no other option left for you,

like when you don’t have any family members or relatives to take care of your child.

(2). There is a specific age to send your child to crèches. Researches have shown that the best age for children to start going crèches is at least 12 months old.

(3). Before sending your child in crèches you should first check the feedbacks of all crèches nearby

and you should choose the best and hygienic one for your baby.

(4). Try not to keep your baby more than 8 hours in a crèche and give him some extra time,

love and care so that he doesn’t feel stressed.

(5). Take him out on picnics and recreational activities on weekends that will help him feel rejuvenated throughout the week.


(6). Avoid outside food for your baby and try to pack him homemade food in a form of lunchbox

so that he could get all the essential nutrients needed.

(7). If you cannot leave your job to raise your baby at least try to manage your work time for your baby

so that you can communicate with him daily.

(8). Talk to your child’s caretaker frequently to know about your child’s progress and his behavior,

this will also enable the caretaker to take extra care of your child.


This is all that you need to do if you are sending your child in crèches, rest is up to you.

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